in the real world with program's million's of people use, over the 2600, the 3950x is 30% more performance, at 7 times the cost

Ryzen 9 3950x (stock) 64GB 3200 RAM (NO VIRTUAL MEMORY)

Daz3d 4.12 Pro (iray)
benchmark scene

Single Card Optix Prime Enabled (CPU+GPU)
7 minutes 47.65 seconds

Single Card Optix Prime Disabled
do this later

Two Card's Optix Prime Enabled (CPU+GPU)
do this later

Two Card's Optix Prime Disabled
4 minutes 34.45 seconds

Terragen 4 v4.4.44 free (Preview Paused) [ fractals have always been and always will be he boss at using a CPU to its full potential ]
benchmark scene
4 minutes 40 seconds

3dMark Time Spy
Score 6352
Score 11801 (SLI)