So, I got an i7-6700K a week ago, but I'm still waiting for the thermal paste to arrive at home.

Once I'll get it, I will manually change my current CPU (i5-6500 3.2GHZ) to the i7.

I've got some questions:

1) Do I just have to shut down the PC, then open my case and remove the ventirad, extract the i5 and put the i7, refix the ventirad, close the case replug everything in, and bam, i'm done ?

2) What is the amount of thermal paste i have to put on my i7 ?

3) I don't plan on overclocking my i7, but i heard i7-6700K is ~1.2V, and i've checked with cpu-z and it seems that my current i5-6500 is at ~1.1V, do i have to change the voltage of the cpu right after i started my pc again ?

Something to mention:

Some months ago i already changed all ventilators speed to maximum, means that not based on inside case temperature aswell as cpu temp. I also changed something but can't remember what exactly, so that my i5 works at full speed all the time. And I also already got a good ventirad.