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Rating: 9.3 (18 votes)
The final and last tribute to Quake and its professional players who pushed Quake 3 / Quake Live beyond limits. This movie is a fusion and recut edition of the whole Memorial & Nightmare series - beginning with an conversation by Carmac and proZaC talking about practice and talent. There is also old footage of uNkind playing the WCG in 2002.

Starring: Russia uNkind, Russia LeXeR, United States of America Rapha, United States of America DaHanG, United States of America ZeRo4, Sweden toxjq, Sweden fazz, Sweden Spart1e, Russia Cooller, Russia Evil, Belarus Cypher, Poland Av3k, Germany k1llsen, Italy stermy, France strenx, China Jibo

Shoutcast/Interview: United States of America djWHEAT, United Kingdom TosspoT, United Kingdom Joe, Germany Calipt, Poland Carmac, Sweden proZaC

Created by: Germany Patrick 'dKsL' Stürmer