in a friendly community, members allow for deviation from social norms in order to promote comfort and comradery. in an unfriendly community, members police each other for deviation as an appeal for social credit that can be exchanged on an unspoken secret market for future allowance of deviation that is, itself, kept secret between conspiring members.

at one time i was considered a toxic member of esreality, though my contributions provoked innumerable comments and threads, challenged the status quo, entertained a multitude of members, and promoted progress and change, both for the site and for myself as a person. over the years i became a head admin with full developer and database administration access, and was celebrated and denigrated alike by many esreality members. ultimately, i abandoned these privileges, which i held the utmost respect for, due to a lack of motivation to interact with moronic toy tyrants possessing a seemingly infinite pool of psychically obstructive energy who, when given access to an insignificant amount of power in a playful community, exercised that power to its fullest extent in order to impede the joy of others' participation, even if that participation benefited the ecosystem and development of the community.

some people do not understand ironical banter. when faced with challenging and controversial dialog as a stimulus, their behavioral response is to squawk like hall monitor parrots in an attempt to win first place in the tattle tell rat race of legislative-gotcha-relevancy. the cpm community has been infested by the podium finishers of years of such races, and has suffered population stagnation and erosion of playfulness as a result. for these people, 'rules for thee and not for me' is an unspoken motto, and the letter of the law is a critical standard when applied to those ignoble members who haven't aspired to attain naive aristocratic status within their particular niche gaming ghetto.

chalq is a hard working person with a natural mindset that reflects ddk's concept of the champion. he seeks to focus and improve at those things he desires to master, and has demonstrated such will to mastery through his numerous defeats of noted european cpm giants, such as gaiia, hal9000, vdmk, memphis, and more. notice that i did not include terrified terifire in that list of giants; the explanation is simple: terrified terifire is the quivering lapdog of cpm, whose incessant high-pitched yipping is more of an appeal for crumbs from the community than a pronouncement of intent and capacity to deal anything bordering on a significant strike against anybody who is capable of maintaining a defense against the artificial power he has been granted through passive aggressive social affirmation afforded by the collective insecurities of a small and irrelevant group of mentally impotent pseudo-fascists.

though chalq's personality may not have been casted from the theoretically ideal mold held dear by the hypocrite pharisees and scribes of cpmrael, his heart is filled with goodness and there is an underlying kindness to his behaviors that is missed by people who lack the introspective capacity for reflection upon their inability to apply their publicly expressed standards of judgment to themselves, and who are not sensitive to the subtleties of social expression that allow for the manifestation of ironical banter with an essence of kind-hearted relatability and comradery that personalities such as chalq have developed. such recognition requires a propensity for emotional and intellectual intelligence that cpm aristocrats have no desire to practice and develop, and the time has come for the community to express its disdain.

shame the comfortable bourgeoisie that has implemented a rigid system of self-serving hypocritical social corruption that lacks tolerance, playfulness, goodness, kindness, and understanding. gamers...RISE UP!

please donate just a moment of your time to anonymously express your outrage in the following strawpoll. remember, your vote cannot be viewed by the ruling elite, and so you will not suffer any social consequences for promoting the truth.