We're pleased to announce that Reflex Race World Cup 2019 will begin in a couple weeks!

Similar to last year, we will have 8 rounds of never before seen maps (plus an additional "warm up" round prior to round 1). Participants have 1 week to learn and run the maps as quickly as they can and submit their replays to our DropBox for review. On the Sunday following the round's end, we will have a community Twitch stream where we watch all the submitted replays, discuss routes, review the points awarded and leaderboards, and reveal the next round's map. The stream will be hosted by Scotland CrazyAl.

All skill levels are welcome!

In case you missed last year's Reflex Race World Cup, please see the RRWC 2018 recap post and movie.

Links: Discord channel, RRWC 2019 website, Twitch channel (CrazyAl)