OMG it's Christmas!!! (well almost)

Come join us for some exercise on sunday the 30th. For each year the weight put on in connection with christmas gets harder and harder to wear off, you grow older and staler, just like Quake and CTF xD. But next year it will all be different! We will have a new Quakeish game with a new ctf mode and millions of players (right?). Sadly we are not there yet. We still need YOU for 2018's last OMG Quake Live CTF draft cup.
We are going with the same format as previous cups, in other words; you have to sign in on and make your stats public. Otherwise creating teams will be a complete nightmare. Hope to see you there and bring a friend or relative.

SIGN UP starts on sunday the 30th at 10:00 CET
Time: 06:00 CST, 30 December 2018

Streams: twitch xiphosNL

Hope to see you folks there and that the cup will be as fun as previous ones.