Since no one else is speaking on this subject then I will. I have it on very reliable sources that Nikita "clawz" Marchinsky has outright cheated using aimhacks, and even audio and sound hacks, as well as also been given the benefit of fixed gameplay, fixed results/set-up matches, and players/teams throwing games in his favor at all his major event winnings. From what has been relayed to me and what I know and can see, I'm almost 100% sure these assertions are true, and I cant stand it. So Iím issuing as much as a $5k+ Money Match challenge to him to dispel doubts to definitively prove me wrong and that he is in fact, Legitimate.

All he has to do is show up and do his thing. There will be measures in place to detect whether he is cheating or not, which all of the tournaments he has participated in have failed to do. His POV will also be recorded for the entire match for further analysation, which all of these tournaments have also failed to have done. Completely opposite of all major FPS tournaments since they're beginnings.


1. Iím laying him 3.5-1 odds that he wonít be able to even beat me. This essentially means that I think he has less than a 25% (22~%) chance of even winning the match (cleanly...). The most I can (currently) offer is approximately ~5,000$ USD value

2. The match will be played in Quake 3: Arena in the Rocket Arena 3 mod, on the map Thunderstruck. The armor and health will both be set to 400hp, or 400H/400A. This is because the main purpose of the match is to thoroughly test out new cheat-prevention and cheat-detection measures that I've created that can be used on LAN play. His aiming and combat abilities should be the focus of the match and this will prevent alot of tunneling-strategies from being effective at hindering much of that, and the public can scrutinize everything that will happen. This format will prove to be best for that.

Nothing will be decided while the match is being played.

I am confident enough in these counter measures that he will be caught as-a-matter-of-fact, not just by some majority opinion, if he chooses to cheat. But a voting process may also occur as things go along

This is a fair warning. I basically expect him to either show up and not play nearly up to par as any of his event winnings and performances, or not even show up at all for some reason even though itís a free $5,000~ USD value for him if he wants, and a trip to a popular city.

All money and prizes will be relinquished to a 3rd party prior to the match taking place, to ensure payout afterwards.

I will update more information about prizes, rules, location etc., as things develop