Whilst I am aware that dem0ns plea for Quake Champions traveling money hasn't been well received and the timing couldn't be worse, I believe I can present a case for you, the esteemed ESR gent, to donate to my cause. I'm sure you understand.

At present my computer is an i5 KABBY LAKE, some RAM and an GTX1060 and shit.

I play Quake and CS occasionally but recoil is gay so not as much anymore tbh.

the i5 is more than sufficient for the only other thing I use my computer for: music production and shit. I'm sure you understand.

I'm going to cut to the chase here: I need $10,000 to buy the "Closed Eye Visuals" aka "Xidax AE WinD Edition" PC. I'm sure you understand.

The Black & Purple designed "WinD Edition" Featuring a sleek black RGB UMBRA case matching WinD's Black, Blue, Purple Razer Chroma lighting setup + a burst of color from Trident Z RGB Ram, Creative Labs Soundblaster AE5 RGB, Purple Uni-Sleeved Cables with RGB strip lighting and the Corsair LL series RGB 120MM fans will make this Xidax Elite CUSTOM BUILT PC a real stand-out at QuakeCon 2018.

more details here:


(please note the following: Note: This photo is of the PC during its GPU/CPU OC Burn Tests - Not the complete finished product to be displayed later today.)

I need this computer to stand out at Quakecon 2018 (i'm not attending but will be sending a block of cheese which closely resembles me and this dairy-gbmaster needs to stand out at Quakecon with a high specification computer with lights. I'm sure you understand.

Here is the link: