[UPDATE] Bad sound appears to be normal. An audio designer at ID Software is probably deaf :)

Hello ESR,

Last time I posted here was maybe 15 years ago: ah well! :)

I tried to reinstall the game to get into fragging, but now I have a problem; everytime a deadbody is destroyed (by a rocket explosion, a telefrag, you name it...) then I hear a disgusting BZZZZT sound.

I tried to:
- google it (sic)
- reinstall windows 10
- update all sound drivers
- set all s_ values to their original state (mixahead, prestep... what not)
- do a cvar_restart
- reinstall the game... and redo all previous steps above

Still, BZZZZT.

Any suggestions are welcome !

Thanks to CHFL for trying to help while getting fragged in RA ;)