I have around 50 demos with timestamp laying around for years waiting to be turned into a cool fragmovie, wntt was going to do it but after 2 years of the movie being in 'production' he has let me know he does not have the time to finish it, I think it never really got anywhere.

So I'm reaching out to someone else now because I think these frags are of high quality, better than any duel fragmovie i've ever seen (much better than the first movie with my demos, '+baksteen' by Tehown from 2013 which was well received on here)

Anyone with some movie editing & wolfcam experience willing to make a nice movie out of my demos? I can send you a few sample demos so you can see the kills, all demos have a timestamp of the frag in the title, many of the demos are on the old .dm_73 format so you have to work with a wolfcam that supports both demo filetypes.

Of course you have full creative control but I just want to have a veto on certain types of music :P

Frags made between 2011-2014 iirc.

Previous movie with my demos for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8agRYhvEK4

My new demos make these frags look like a noob's

Please someone do it to let QL shine again in a nice movie.