There is a survey going on in an attempt to narrow the ping gap between regions that could benefit from servers in the pacific. This may make it possible to have sub 100ms gaming between places such as the US West, East Coast Australia and New Zealand which would probably be of great value to communities like QuakeWorld, CPMA and Quake Live etc.
"I am trying to gauge some interest on whether a gaming service that bridged the pacific ocean and allowed for sub 100ms gaming between East Coast Australia, New Zealand and West Coast USA would be viable. In the future it could be expanded to include Japan, Guam and Polynesian Islands. West Coast USA based players would achieve around ~50ms ping with Central states being higher.
The setup of such a service would require physical servers to be hosted in a Hawaiian Datacenter, Internet connectivity with multiple ISP's (to ensure direct routing to each country) and this would come at a considerable cost.

The initial goal would be to have permanent servers for games which would benefit the most with the expansion of their player base such as the Quake series and its derivatives.

The end goal would be to allow game developers could also rent service space to give their games a permanent server in this unique location and in addition to permanent servers, a service would be offered where tournament admins could rent server time on a temporary basis for other popular games in order for players to compete in specific tournaments or events with a larger player base spanning the Pacific."
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