Hi ESR, I am making this thread because of the recent current events, since I am worried that there might be someone on this web site that still believes that there was a chemical weapons attack in syria. OK so now that the dust has settled we know that the gas attack in syria was completely fake-

Here are two OANN reports of people who live in Douma saying that there was no chemical attack and that it was staged by Jayish Al-Islam:

Here are some videos from RT of one of the crisis actors in the attack, and accounts of what happened during the alleged attack:

And other info about how the militants faked the attack from southfront:

Also, relevant information showing that JAI had a chemical weapons production facility in Douma:

And more info showing that JAI actually used chemical weapons during other stages in the conflict:

Any-way there are a lot of links that could be posted, but I think that this should explain to everyone about how the attack was faked