Many international tournaments, cups and leagues have taken place in the CPM scene recently but more often than not American players are subjected to the cruelty of high ping games against Europeans in those foreign servers, where people speak foreign languages and say foreign things.

Well, no longer!

Americans may rejoice as we introduce the Americas Promode Conference exclusively designed for North and South Americans. Games have started as of Sunday, March 11 2018, as our brave thirty-two (wait... read that one more time. You read that right!) American players prepare to face off for the next three weeks against their counter parts. Some of the heavy hitting names include Canada gellehsak, Canada Kwong-Lo, and United States of America vedmedik.

The admins for this cup will include: United States of America cxe (Head admin), Canada xero (Referee).

Videos On Demand are available at this link here. Simply click a match you are interested in and it will display the demos that were uploaded to YouTube showcasing the winner's point-of-view.

#playmorepromode (in America)! #apheleon #elpajuo #vamp1re #turnbacktheclock

*Just a quick update as of 3/14/2018: United States of America forrestfire replaced by United States of America lzr_dev in Group C.
*Update as of 3/16/2018: Canada cuppajoeman replaced by United States of America Sol in Group F.

Links: cpma Americas Promode Conference Discord Server, Tournament Page, 1337 Match Fixtures & Betting Odds, challonge Groups, cpma playmorepromode