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Want to star in a fresh community movie? Well here is your chance!

Long live the King is a project that is planned to ship ready before summer ends 2018, and hopefully be around 10 - 20 minutes pure carnage. This of course depends heavily on how much content gets sent in.

All demos from all modes are welcome: frags, happenings, tricks, funny moments, comebacks, killstreaks, rail hit counters on afk's etc. Note that the actions will be prioritated depending on the entertainment quality of the action, so the more uncommon your submission is, the more likely is it to be highlighted.
All players no matter what skill are welcome to submit demos, except cheaters and statswhores for obvious reasons.

The style of the movie will be a clean edit with minimal cameras and special effects, but with raw elements such as gore and powerful music, (read alternative metal).
You can check out my earlier movies on my youtubechannel: http://youtube.com/user/qr33p

Important information for demo submissions!

The demos may be in whatever format current and older versions WolfcamQL can support.
You may submit as many demos as you wish, but as my intention is to not dedicate this movie to a certain player most of your demos are not going to be used.
Name your demos with your name, when the moment is taking place and what type of action, example: creep_12.33_airrocket.dm91
If it's not specified in the demo, please write what playermodel and in-game name you want to be displayed with, (letters and numbers only, no special characters except underline "_").
If you have a demo with a custom map which is not in Quake Lives official mappool you will have to send me a link to the map in steams workshop.

Send your demos to: [email protected]

If you write me a message I will gladly write back when I have the time.

Thanks in advance!