I have recently found AD from http://www.abbiv.com/ and GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G for 98. They claim to have like 80% or more cheaper hardware especially GFX which is true, but Im not sure whether that is true or false. I ve been checking their website worth and its about 2.000$ while for example Esreality.com is worth 41.000 (www.worthofweb.com/website-value/) then again I have checked on alexarankings and it says their global rank is about 1.300.000 which is really bad, then again I have noticed that this page might not be older than 30 days + there are reviews at each card written yesterday or same positive comments on same day, even hour. However, their page is really professional, eyecatching also their description is very attractive, but im like 75% sure that this might be a scam. What do you think guys? Please let me know.

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