Hi ESports Reality, I wanted to write this out because there are current events going on that I think are important to talk about.. . so this is whyy I am writing this on my favortite website for social activisim , about why I don't like Net Neutrality and I Love watching all of the jews in the "internet media" SQUIRM because they are going to get fucked by the super-JEWS who run the telecoms- and this is what this awareness post is all about, so follow with me:

So, why do website companies like, Facebook, Google, Reddit, Netflix all fear net neutrality? This is not because they care a single bit about the "Open Internet" or freedom of speech... everyone knows that the goal of these monopoly companies is to control the content of the internet by making sure 99% of all traffic is reliant on their platforms, for example let's consider that Google can literally break the revenue of any news site byecause it controls all of the advertising online.. why do big money companies that censor the internet fear this?

It is because if Net Neutrality is removed, it will mean that they can be charged huge amounts of money for clogging up the internet with their garbage, for example lets look at why Netflix is afriad of NN being removed: it is because Netflix is right now destroying the internet infrastructure that Comcast owns by overloading it with their service, and then claiming that because of NN, Netflix shouldn't have to pay comcast money for this- meanwhile everyone else's internet suffers because of the huge increase in activity that Netflix is not liable for because of NN. Google also has this problem because it also controls another one of the largest streaming services (YouTube).

Anyway the take away is that the fight for Net Neutrality is not some kind of grassroots movement or anti-corporate, it's entirely propagated by large corporations that abuse the current rules to extend their bottom line, and most of the stuff that they write about NN is conveniently leaving out the real reason that they want you to complain about it on their behalf. Now I think that telecoms are huge jews but I still don't care if comcast loses money, but I am happy if Reddit, Youtube, Netflix, Google, Facebook all lose a lot of money , I think that they are social engineering platforms and we maybe shouldn't spend most of our time on the top 10 sites on the internet.