[NB: If you do not understand what I am trying to explain about the mouse movement/problem please just ask so we don't start this on different grounds]

This problem is very hard to explain properly. A lot of people mistake it for the cursor drifting after I have made a hand movement, it is not this. It is happening only when I move my hand/mouse.It is a problem with acceleration, sort of. When I move my mouse in a circle many times; fast or slow, but cursor at same original position on screen, my mouse is now either closer to top left or bottom right corner. This feels like some unexplainable acceleration I have no idea what to call it.Again: I put mouse from a point on mouse pad. Move it in circles up and down or sideways. slow and fast. put mouse back to original point, without lifting the mouse. And the cursor is now in a totally different position; either up or lower to a corner.

I tested this out almost 30 times to be sure it was not just me.I am a retired professional fps-gamer. I have never approached this problem before. It saddens me I can not enjoy my fps games the way I did before. My aim is just impossible to perfect, hell even clicking icons is hard.it is very frustrating to play DotA2 and PUBG with this. I constantly miss targets because my movement does not 100% correspond with the cursor movement.

- Mouse acceleration is put off
- I have tried several mice- several monitors
- even 3 computers
- tried 3 different pads
- seems to have to do with windows 10 but can not confirm

Additional note. It seems to be more prominent when I play DotA2. Not so much with Quake Champions but it is still there, massively affecting my Railgun aim. After I launch the game in full screen, it seems to make the cursor do it more. The problem is still there originally, but it makes it even more prominent. It does not become more prominent with other games but it is still a major problem.

Windows 10 64
Strix GTX 1080Ti
750W Corsair Modular
BenQ XL2540
AsRock Z270 Pro4
16Gb Ram
M.2 256Gb SSD

Attempts tried to solve the problem:
- MarkC Mouse fix
- several mice, pads, monitors and even different computers. (Seems more prominent on desktop pc with large screen) Problem is less prominent on 15" laptop but is still there.
-Turned off windows acceleration in mouse options