We're proud to announce the #cpmduel League which will kick-off on November 11, 2017. This will be a weekly league, where players are split into three divisions: Invite, Main, and Beginner, and play other players in their respective division each week. After players have played all their group opponents once, the top players of every group, will face their rivals in the same division in a single elimination play-off bracket. Due to the nature of this league, things will be a little sophisticated, and we anticipate having different rules in terms of play-off advancement for the different divisions as they will have a different amount of players.

The admin group includes: Czech Republic neverGreen, Finland gaiia, and myself (Canada xero), with Slovakia Kimi|AHK, Russia DEZ, and Russia veliars acting as referees.

Links: cpma #cpmduel League Discord Server, cpma CPMA Discord Server