A new season of the modern classic Thunderdome, scheduled to start around the 5th of November, now takes signups from players of all skill levels. Thunderdome is an online QuakeWorld 1on1 duel tournament which aims to bring equal games under competitive circumstances by separating players according to their evaluated skill levels. Games are typically played best-of-three in a double elimination bracket format. The top division is the "Open" to which players of any skill can volunteer to join in.

Players are encouraged to read through the rules before signing up and with regards to the rules the map pool is still subject for some discussion and about to be finalised. It will however "be based on" DM2, DM4, AEROWALK, BRAVADO and ZTNDM3 according to the current wording in the rules section.

Sign up on the Thunderdome website

Source: QuakeWorld.nu