The duel qualifiers for both PAX AMD Showcase and the Dreamhack Winter are now completed. Congratulations to both Australia Daniel 'Astroboy' De Sousa and Australia Tyler 'Steej' Joseph for doing the double back to back. There were some great games, some drama and plenty of emotion running high across the weekend.

Link to DH Winter full stream
Playlist for the PAX AMD Showcase qualifiers
My picks for games to watch are Fraze vs Steej in the DH quals and ZenAku vs Astroboy in the PAX AMD quals.

You can follow both our boys on twitter Steej and Astroboy. For the actual PAX AMD Showcase event i'll be mostly using instagram stories, heaps of discord and a bit of twitter. We will be trying to push out some interviews/content pre and post events. If you're keen to learn more about the players see here.

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