After an intense first day, the Quake World Championship second day promises even more exciting fast paced action at the Quakecon 2017. Sacrifice group stages are over and there are only 4 teams remaining going into the semifinals, the match ups are: Europe NOTOFAST vs United States of America Liquid and Europe 2z vs Europe The defendants. All-super-star team NOTOFAST seems to be doing great at the moment and is pretty much demolishing all opposition they encounter, so could the americans make an upset? they are pretty much all against the odds, that’s for sure. Meanwhile In the second match we got 2z with an strong performance so far in the tournament that seems to give them the upperhand over The Defendants, however, we’ll prolly see the later ones put a hell of a fight to get an opportunity to get into the grand finals.

Duel action has pretty much just getting started with only one round taking place in the first day of QuakeCon, nevertheless, we already witnessed incredible action and some pretty big upsets regarding the first round of the group stages of the Quake World Championship.The most crucial ones being: Hungary Raisy (a pretty much non-quaker and mostly a CS player) demolishing Sweden Tox on LAN, just as in the Regionals, american new blood dueller United States of America dooi beating old QL dark horse France strenx in a 2-0 fashion, the day by day stronger swedish player Sweden fazz beating last year Quakecon’s runner up Russia evil, and of course, the old legend and russian superstar Russia Anton Singov, better known as Cooller, completely destroying United States of America rapha in a both shocking and amazing 2-0 (6-0) performance.

Stay tuned for more action in Friday 25th at 09:00 CDT 12:00 CDT

Brackets: Sacrifice Bracket, Duel Bracket
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