Hey, I just bought Zowie FK2 simply cos there is an option to increase LOD and its a claw grip mouse. Im currently using G303 and G403. Due to low LOD I have brushed my mouse feet like 4-5 mm so LOD is about 5-6 dvds. As mouse feet is brushed tracking is not that great so I decided to buy FK2. Now Im having trouble with this mouse. When I move to left mouse goes UP, when I move to right mouse goes DOWN. Tested on 4 mouse pads QCK+ black, Goliathous control black, Goliathous speed with razer logo on it, Goliathous control with razer logo on it. Tried with different DPI and HZ. Nothing works. All logiteh mice works fine. There is another mouse I bought year ago and I thought mouse is shit since it was so cheap. CM xornet II. There is same problem. Mouse moves up when moving to right and so on. So do you think guys that has to do something with Logitech drivers?

See photo: https://ibb.co/d653ck