"One of the best Quake players in the world, Belarus Alexey ďCypherĒ Yanushevsky, has joined Virtus.pro and will represent our organization at QuakeCon. American and European teams showed an avid interest in the Belarusian player, who eventually chose in favor of Virtus.pro, with which he has signed a year-long contract.

After putting his Quake career on a hiatus in 2015, Cypher tried playing Overwatch, but returned to his original discipline following the announcement of the Quake Champions beta, and went on to win its first online tournament.

Cypher is among the Quake players with the most titles. To date, he is the quadruple winner of QuakeCon (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014). He is also a multiple winner of ESWC, DreamHack, European Extreme Masters, and ASUS Open."

Additional info:
Brief interview from Roman Dvoryankin, Vritus.pro general manager, about Cypher

Source: Virtus.pro, tweet Virtus.pro