With Week 1 games all wrapped up, we enter into Week 2 of games for The Promode League. Below you will be able to find the results for Week 1, including their match pages (which contains match details as well as links to their respective VODs), and predictions/bets for Week 2.

Week 1 Results & VODs

Although Week 1 apparently features quite decisive games, there were some great games regardless. Our match of the week goes to Canada PERIOD vs. Mexico teotl. Even though PERIOD ended up winning all three maps, they were are all quite hotly contented games. As anticipated, the old-school veteran Canada Kwong-Lo carried the heavy load, with United States of America dys filling big shoes for Canada gellehsak who could not play. I would highly recommend to check out the very last game on The Hot Place (pukka3dm1).

I would also recommend Argentina MANGIERIS vs. United States of America GetServed. Both these teams are relative newcomers to CPMA, and both showed great competency in the game.

Week 2 Predictions & Bets

This week's predictions are brought to you by myself, United States of America naper, and Czech Republic neverGreen. Now that we know what shape the teams there will be less of an x factor when it comes to making accurate predictions, I think.

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