i would like to say that earlier I did not know about the new "emoji" trend because I did not use the cell-phone internet sections due to a lack of content... BUT!!! I noticed that on a forum that is near & dear they had these funny smiley men?? and it was cool to put smily men in the commends because it makes them look so much nicer ;0
So i would like to ask the admin of Esports are to add in the smiling "emoigee" faces into the ESR algorithim codes? please thank you very much it would be nice if ESR had emojicons because i like putting the crying smiley man with the "cool guy" AKA "cool guy" hand sign but not as if i am in a nergo gang ok???

I have added in two examples of the LIBERTIES that it has enabled me to write on my posts so that you guys KNOW that whne you add them in you will be able to feel the PURE QUALITY get crystalized as i dropp the sickest posts on ESR as ever before? from my sick BURN

I rest my case =]

t. Ika