I just saw a game show of diabotical and the more I see/learn about this game the more I want to play it.

It looks fantastic and has a lot of potential to grow bigger/better
It doesnt look like a 1:1 clone from quake which blocked my interesst in warsow and reflex
It doesnt look like ut with heros (qc)
It looks refreshing with their own style (memes). Reflex looks actually boring and so my first thought was reflex is built on q2 engine (ofc its not).

Movement would be skill based but still newbie friendly. Reflex movement is too similar to cpm and so it will be hard to master for newcomers.

Weapons.... i cant say much about them atm.

Modable + easy mapping tools is a big plus too.

So I dont know any reason to play reflex or to wait for qc. Warsow will shutdown soon most likely so Im looking forward to diabotical.

Your thoughts