Back in the day I used to use the Samsung 19 inch CRT, the famous one used all over WCG2002, it was so good. But I got sick of the space a CRT takes away from your desktop, and the cable was fucked anyway, so I got a 2233rz because it was the only flat panel that would give me smooth 120hz with the best input lag possible. I was happy with the smoothness and the lack of ghosting, but the color was dogshit compared to the CRT. I have never been able to enjoy dark games like Doom 3 or watching movies on this thing.

My question is: Has technology progressed anything at all, or are we still stuck with shit tier panels color wise if you want smoothness and fast input response and no ghosting etc?

Is there any objectively better monitors than 2233rz for someone that still plays Quake from time to time?