Frozen Sand released this September 30th their last version of Urban Terror using the Quake 3 engine.

The latest update of the original Quake 3 mod, called UrbanTerror: "Still Dying", in reference to the radical down peak of its player base following the releases of their 4.2 versions, features today a very long changelog including new weapons, remodeled maps, new gametypes, and an improved HUD.

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This new update features the addition of new game modes such as Gun Game (as seen on Counter-Strike) and InstaGib using a newly added weapon, the TOD50. They have updated the percentages of damages dealt with a few weapons on the characters' groin and butt. A few maps have been improved, fixed, or remodeled such as ut4_kingdom, ut4_paris, which became officially endorsed by the game, and ut4_mykonos. Last but not least, the Updater, the software with which you can download the game, finally supports Mac OSX (even though the game has always been playable on Mac computers).

Urban Terror first started off as a mod for the game Quake 3 released in 1998. The mod was among the firsts of its kind - along with Action Quake II and Unreal Tournament - to feature realistic as well as militaristic environments within Quake 3's physics and realm of possibilities. Since the beginning of its development, the game has been known to the Quake communities for its essential features such as floor sliding, wall jumping and stamina as well as its CS-like look, all of which provide the players with a unique experience distinguishable from all other Quake-based games. Finally, this new update of the game, the last one using the ioQuake3 engine, is a fresh breath to its community as it provides a stable game that lives up to its initial charms and characteristics, and leaves behind the years of the controversial UrT 4.2 versions.

According to reliable sources (n.b: myself reading their article on their official website), the development team is already working on the next Urban Terror game which will be using the Unreal Engine this time. New improved graphics and availability on Steam are to be expected as well.

Thanks to the development team, especially Barbatos, Raider, BladeKiller, and FrankieV, among with all the other contributors, who managed to make this game one of the oldest Quake 3 mods still alive and enjoyable.


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