Probably off the radar for most players, TOXIKK 1.0 finally hit the Steam Store.

It's a classic Arena-FPS with UT 2004 based movement: dodges, double-jumps, wall-dodges, strafe-dodges, ...
Weapons have alternate fire, but are in general more like Quake weapons and less fancy than UT's.

I had lots of fun playing and modding it during the 18 months of Early Access and made a couple frag movies. I'm a noob player, so don't expect any skill-shots.

Longest Yard in the first movie is a community made remake of our beloved dm17, the damage plumes and maido-style "direct-rockts-only" are mods I made.

The game is not free-to-play, but has a free demo version with limited content and featurs, which is good enough to try out the game before spending money.