Right now Reflex has some issues. How the game times for you - it reduces the skill to pacman levels. Another issue is the rigid, horrible player models. I understand that they're robots, but why can't they move with some fluidity? it's like shooting at an ironing board. Also the size of the models doesn't seem right for the map geometry. They're just tall and rigid like boards.

Also when you get hit with some rocket splash damage - I hope they can stop it from paralyzing the player. It's like it bounces you up by 5 cm off the ground and you cannot move. You're basically dead if this happens, and because of the randomness of rocket splash it happens a lot. They could fix this by having the player model 'chipped up' in the direction that the rocket splash indicated, not just 90 degrees up in the air.

Also rocket splash is so weird. I know I shouldn't compare this to Quake, I do understand they're different games. But I really dislike how you can't rocket spam items to deter players from going for them. In QL if you rocket spam mega or RA, if an enemy jumps there they're basically fucked. In Reflex it's like the rockets just tickle, run in and run out. Grenades are similar to the rockets, you can spam the fuck out of someone on the floor but unless you magically hit a direct hit it literally does nothing. There needs to be a way to have effective suppression fire. Basically I think the projectiles are too weak and too fast, it's like using a pea shooter.

It would also be good to add some 'Ooomph' to the weapons. They feel so weak at the moment. Rockets should feel like you're shooting something powerful, lighting should feel like you're firing 9000 volts, rail feels like a deadly spear of doom. Right now it's all pea-shooter.

The game has a lot of potential.