As a representative of 125FPS team I have to inform you about the following.

All we know 'base' for a long time. He played tons of tourneys. Hunderds of people watched his games as spectators or various streams. Tens of streamers had commented his games. Hundreds of another high skilled, low skilled or whoever quakers played against him. For that years no one even reported him as cheater.
He also made few movies, participating our tiny community as well as it could even be.

Problem state.
We know that Valve Anti-cheat is a serious thing. Also we know that triggering of VAC-ban means Valve's software found on player's PC some kind of malware: viruses, modified dynamic link libraries (ddls), known cheats or whatever software that got recognized as possible unfair.
We are zero-tolerated to cheaters. Cheaters must be banned from all 125fps events for a lifetime permanently. But it is not similar to the Steam's policy.

What happened?
We've got information about base's VAC-ban in early sunday morning. Just right after base connected to me by skype describing he cannot log in to the steam with his usual account, and he knew he has VAC-ban for an unknow reason. He well understood that he could be permanenty banned from 125fps. Accroding to that he asked me only one question "Am I able to play Sundaycup today?".

Early reaction.
First of all I've decided to try find out the possible reasons of VAC-ban and loosing access to the account. I've asked base for a few typical security questions, let him check his PC for malware presence by free anti-virus software. After all I said: "Try to contact Steam's technical support to restore access to the account". Immediately I've contacted Nico to make a decision about Sunday Cup.

Why he got into the Cup?
Firstly, no one from us belived that he could cheat. A few players were ready to share their Steam accounts to base just to let him be able to play QuakeLive. Nico, as a head of 125FPS said: "I'm sure he is clear, let him play". All other 125fps team agreed with that under conditions:
1. VAC-ban could not came from wherever. There is a reason. We must find it out.
2. Base should register new account and buy a new copy of QuakeLive.
3. Using third-party accounts is forbidden by Steam rules and if base's PC still contain dangerous malware that accounts might be affected to VAC too.
4. Anyway we should try to find a motive to use cheats by base.
5. Make a deep analyze to his statistics on QLStats looking for unsual perfomace.
Until investigation proccess is taking place base is able to participate 125fps events.
From that we recommend to base get a new steam account, buy quake, try to play against someone from 125fps (it was me).

Investigation process.
Base have never before been suspected as cheater. Base won enough tough games under being spectated by a huge number of players and got his skill proven many times. Quakelive is now almost subcultural game, you cannot earn a lot of money that it could worth to use cheats. He has a name, all the community know him. We conclude that there is no motivation for base to use cheats.
For days before, all the games he played have no unsual perfomance by qlstats. He has no unsual "match-by-match wins in a row" whoever he played against.

Gathering all the facts below:
- he has good reputation
- he has proven skill
- he has no motivation to use cheats
- his statistics showed no unusual perfomace
We made a decision that it is impossible that base used cheats in quakelive.
VAC-ban triggered for some other reason, so we've contacted Steam support as 125FPS team and asked for explanation why that certain account got VAC-ban. We don't know if Steam support is going to answer or not.

Here is no any other reasons in our decision.

Also we made a decision that if someone of proven-skill players like k1llsen, Spart1e, etc will get VAC-ban we do not ban them from 125fps events permanently until their guilty get 100% proven.

I am free to contact and answer any questions you have on IRC channel #125fps.

PS: we are strictly recommend to all steam users to improve their steam accounts security, like enabling Steam Guard.

Sincerely yours,
Team 125FPS. 125FPS