ItalyJigglypuff won a 2v2 CA cup organized by one of the coolest guy on earth, UkraineURAZ. That was a couple of month ago.
He played with italian superstar ItalyHal, and they won the final against some top german CA players (including for example GermanyTodesknecht, who was in the top5 world in CA when qlranks was still alive). That was some months ago, and now, ItalyJiggly is stronger than ever. Let me explain to you guys why he's the new king.

First of all, I know him for a long time now, and I've seen him improve again and again over the years. He's playing Quake Live only. He's a very dedicated player, and a true Quake player, just as I like them. 100% Quake, 0% other game(s). I just love this kind of mentality. He didn't even jump in the OW bandwagon, he doesn't even care about the OW hype. Like I said, a true Quaker.

Some years ago, he was far from the best, he was still more than decent, but not the hardest player to play against, that's for sure. He could lose to quite a lot of players, he was still good, but didn't have that special stuff that makes a player above everyone.

But that's not the case anymore.
Quite recently, he bought a mechanical keyboard and he's playing with the logitech g300s. For sure, these gears improved both his aim and his dodges. But ofc the gears don't make the player, so if he's now better than ever, that's mainly because of dedication and practicing against and with the best CA players.

Recently I played him serveral times, it was pretty even, if he were onfire he would beat me, if I were focused I would beat him.
But tonight I played him again, and I felt his true potential, power and effectiveness.
We played 2v2's, I was always against him, we played almost LG only, because he is, just like me, a LG-heavy player. We both have LG as our favorite weapon. And we both have the goal to become the best LG players in EU.
And guess what ? He won 6-7 maps to 2 or something, he had best dmgs and accuracy against me.
It didn't feel like when I used to play against Serbiaserious, it didn't feel like he was unbeatable, but he still had this extra something that was enough to beat me. Both his dodges and aim were spot on.

After our games, I asked him if he already played ItalyHal in 1v1 recently. He basically said "yes, and I won 10:9 in 1v1 and then we played 2v2, I was mainly against him and had better net/score/dmgs[...]".

When you play against him, you can really feel that something is special, because, unlike some aim-whores, his dodges are also very good. The way he's playing is very ballzy and effective. He doesn't play like a bitch by switching to rockets etc... When he loses a shaft battle, he keeps trying until he wins. I like this kind of mentality.

Talking about mentality, ItalyJigglypuff is a very humble and friendly dude, he never trash-talk, never troll, and almost never rage. He has the mentality of a true champion really, he has his feet on the ground, and he even never pretented to be #1, unlike many of us, including me :D.

For all these reasons I declare him to be the new king of 2v2 CA. If you meet him on a server, remember, he's the king :). He deserves to be respected for both his mentality and combat-skills.

People need to know more about him, because he's a very interesting player.

Thank you if you read it all :)