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Rating: 3.7 (43 votes)
Another Reflex movie sequel this time from the Finnish powerhouse Finland Danskq.

Some words from bolttihomo Danskq:
Critically acclaimed successor of "The Boltening" with budget of 6 beers and chicken wings.

"Greater than bolshevism" -Josif Džugašvili
"Much better than my stories" -Alla.H
"Better than Triumph of the will" -Adolf.H
"What!?" - Lil'Jon
"More enlighting than Little Red Book" - Mao.Z
"Will you be our drummer ? We can offer free beer" - Spinal tap. 11/10

P.S Video material outside of Reflex is from Aavikko - Una lira soluzione music video.
Links: twitch Follow Danskq, Reflex, Official Discord.