I've had a Zowie FK for a few years now and have always wondered if there is a better mouse. My problem is that it feels very unnatural for my ring finger and becomes uncomfortable after awhile. This is an album of how I most naturally hold my mouse. See how my ring finger is crooked? I am wondering if anyone knows of a mouse that will fit my natural grip style. My hand is about 19.2cm long and 9cm wide.

I would prefer if the cost was under 60USD. The sensor does not have to be the best, just decent, and I would also love for it to be less than 90g if possible. If it's not crazy heavy the grip is priority. Right now I mainly play quake so these features are important to me. I don't really care about anything else.

I have an old kinzu that feels more comfortable on the right hand side. The problem is the mouse is overall a little too small and the sensor or USB is fucked (it randomly stops working).

Any suggestions on similar mice that have a 'better shape' for my right ring finger? I am hoping to find something that feels a part of my hand. Right now finger feels 'annoyed.' It feels stuck, with a bunch of tension, and no where to go.

I mainly claw/fingertip.