Today it has been 20 years since the gateways to other dimensions went operational as id Software released Quake to the masses. Featuring fascinating technological advancements and a gameplay that could turn anyone into a online gaming addict, collectively generating billions in revenue for the internet service providers, it took the players by storm.

Throughout the years the game has been maintained, polished and played by a dedicated community which has made it stand the test of time. Development of the client and server software is going on still today, with ezQuake 3.0 being released just a couple of weeks ago with numerous improvements featuring also changes made in collaboration with the Quakecon tournament organizers. The latter changes made in order to fulfill ruleset requirements in time for the Quakecon 2on2 anniversary tournament in August this year.

It is suggested that you celebrate this special day by simply enjoying some free for all action or similar, playing the game, which can be downloaded from in a neat installer.