Not the story of Dorian Yates.
The truth is this: some people are stronger and bigger than the other, but when we are talking about progresses and having to deal with incredible muscular mass and strength, nobody is "natural gifted".

In 19 years I've seen hundreds if not thousands of people lifting weights, and I don't recall one single person who was benchpressing his bodyweight x 2 or squatting 2.5-3 times his bodyweight without steroids. With one single exception, and that's me. The reason I am telling this is that I have something that some people wishing to experiment might consider valuable prove: my opinion or advice on how to be able to lift many times your bodyweight without using steroids, based on something that people that lift that much don't have, and this is the experience on doubling or tripling the power of your body without doping. And this is why you should throw all those "scientifical" articles you can find in any bodybuilding magazine right into the trash bin. The guys who give advice to beginners on how to have constant progresses for years to come have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE regardless their activity in this sport for decades. As a matter of fact, every time I was concentrating on one single probe to achieve remarkable results, I was contacted by these "experienced" guys and they asked me without exception about the doping program that I supposedly followed.

When I started to train I had very fast good results, but as months went by the progresses went smaller, till I was close to stagnating. If I benchpressed 80 kgs for 6 reps after one year of training, starting from benchpressing 50 kgs for 2 reps in my 1st day of training, it took me another two years to be able to make 2-3 reps with 100 kgs. As time went by, I realized that in order to get good at one task you have to do only that or concentrate as much energy as possible on that specific task.

So in order to get close and then up to benchpressing 140-145 kgs I had to benchpress between 8-10 to 20 sets of 1 to 3 reps with maximal weight, 6 and even 7 days a week. In order to be able to do 20 sets with maximal weight I had to increase the pause between sets up to 5 minutes. It took me close to 2 hours a day only to do benchpress. This a lot of time.

The particularity of any body is this: the body is strong when the muscles are stimulated, and it gets to conserve the energy and throw away muscles when the forces that are forcing the body are gone. There are some extremely strong guys in one discipline or another, but they can't be in all. One strong at benchpress is weak at squats, and so on. All use steroids to "equalize" their performances. My particularity is deadlift, I can deadlift 220 kgs without exercising this particular activity for months. But if I do not benchpress for 2 weeks I get up to 10 kgs weaker at benchpress and if I'd not go for benchpress at all I would not be able to lift more than 80-90 gks..

Also regarding bodybuilding, things are same. If I start doing biceps curls every day for 1 hour a day in about 7-8 days my arms will get bigger, but I do not want to spend 8 hours every day just to keep all my muscles pumped up. Without steroids, the body lacking those substances that keep the muscles filled with water, muscles tend to regain their natural state as soon as possible. Of course that training your muscles twice a week will have benefits and you will keep your body in shape, but you are not gonna get big like you see those people in bodybuilding magazines and you won't have formidable performances this way.

Bottom line is that you won't get the performances you see in mass-media those guys have not because they would be natural gifted but because even if you have the most talented muscles-oriented body you cannot train your entire body for 10 hours a day to get and keep all the muscles in exceptionally shape, without getting overtrained or having your mental readiness warned out and that there is no miraculous solution to get you achieve high standards.

The story of bodybuilding after Eugene Sandow died is one of the biggest fraud ever still going on. Don't bite the bait of those who say that "this is possible" and "they have genetics" or that they follow "special diets", all is just a big sack of lies. The answer lays in specific training, and none do it for long enough or have the proper mental strength and the right body in general to follow one to get as good as those fake sportsmen called the champions.