Scheduled: 11:00 CST, 5 March 2016 to 16:00 CST, 12 March 2016
Schedule: Passed

Starting this Saturday, March 5th, ESLESL is running two Open Cups for Unreal Tournament 4 Pre-Alpha! The cups will be Duel mode only, with each cup being played on different continents. One cup will be played in Europe while the other in North America. If you feel like competing in the new UT game, go ahead and sign up!

The cups will also be covered by Zaccubus and bleh- so expect some quality coverage. If you're just up for some fun and trying out how the new UT4 game feels, join the channel @ GlobalGamers for some pickup games!

Stream: twitch UT Stream

Links: ESL ESL UT4 OC, ESL Twitter ESLUnreal, ut Free UT4 pre-Alpha download, ESL EU brackets, ESL NA Brackets