First post, I apologize if there's a classifieds forum that I just couldn't find?? Plus I saw a few FS threads here so I figured it'd be okay...

Anyway, I've recently been scouring my local thrift stores and craigslist for old mice. I plan on selling them through Ebay and wanted to let a community such as ESReality have a heads up in case any of you guys are looking for stuff. I currently have something like 16 WMOs, an abyssus, 2x intellimouse, nascita, and most recently an MX300. Here's the spreadsheet I'm using to keep track of everything:
I'm still doing inventory and refurbishing the mice. Once that's done I'll put them all on ebay.

So my question for the ESReality community is: What's the deal on the MX300? What makes it so great? Is it rare? Because WMOs are everywhere and AFAIK they're functionally just as good as the MX300? What's a fair price to ask for a used MX300 on ebay?

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