Roughly a year ago Aquashark posted Steam statistics concerning Quake Live sales and player numbers in this post.

Now it is time to revise those numbers and compare them to the current data but this time from the steamspy website. Steamspy uses the basis of Steam Gauge but the stats are updated daily and there are some interesting features like YouTube and Twitch views, concurrent players, playtime in the last 2 weeks, just to name a few.

The old stats from March 2015:
Quake Live on a surprising #15 spot (1,749,338 owners; 891,236 players; 3,631,170 total hours played)
Current February 2016 stats are as follows:
Owners: 2,577,722 36,740
Players total: 1,331,331 26,462 (51.65%)
A few notes about Owners and Players. The number of "Owners" states how many Steam user profiles have Quake Live on it. It doesn't represent the true sales as the game could be acquired either through giveaways or gifts, promotions etc. On the other hand "Players" mark the number of Steam user profiles who have started the game and played it for at least six minutes.

We can certainly detect an increase in numbers but do we actually notice it? See all Quake Live related data, visit the steamspy website.

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