So Europe, you're taking on a bunch of muslim refugees, mostly from parts of the world which blames you for destabilising them.

Do you honestly believe that every single one of them will forever be grateful for what you did for them and never turn on you, link up with other extremist elements in your country and one day look to harm your indigenous people on a grand scale?

Now think about it before you lie.

Think about it before your left wing, gullible, short sighted, corrupt minds dares to overlook in your heart what you know is true.

NOW. Knowing that, how could it possibly, ever be safe, or responsible to let these people into countries you know some of them will try to bomb, Mame, and kill in when they settled?

Seriously, how can you POSSIBLY be so short sighted to gamble (with fairly sure odds) with your own indigenous citizens lives when you have no checks in place for these people coming in?

I mean, its hardly a bunch of nobel peace winning scientists from iceland now is it?

Would you hire a babysitter without checking because she might be ok, and looks ok from the advert?

Would you sleep with a hooker without using protection, because she looks pretty clean?

Would take a walk in a lion pen, because its 200m away and it had food an hour ago and is lying under the tree?

I don't think you would would you because the impact affects you directly, so why would you import thousands of people who in your hearts, you know a % of them will turn on you in the worse way?

Happy to endanger your fellow citizens then, who you should feel a closer affinity to than someone you let, just in the same way you feel a closer affinity to family over the random person in the street.

Are you saying that the safety of your indigenous people is LESS IMPORTANT than letting these people in?

You're happy to gamble with that, knowing its a pretty safe bet what will become of some of these people?

Really, is that how Europe works now?

Are you saying all of these people are fine, and there is no chance or likelihood of bad elements being in there. Of the worse kind?

Because this is the logic that is going around and its going to come back in the form of death and destruction for your own people.

Anyone else feel betrayed, or is it just easier to supersede my inconvenient truth and label me as a racist and a horrible person?

(Just bear in mind when I am proven right and if dark forces have no deleted this thread that I will come back with the proof when it starts kicking off). No doubt in my mind.

And this is why the stance taken by europe on these issues is wrong, because as soon as you have a country whose leaders will gamble with your lives, you are finished. And it why British people will vote to get out of the EU.

People talk a lot of shit about Putin, but at least he puts fundamental elements in place to maximise the safety of his own people. Even if he's a little to lean heavy at times.

What do the rest of your governments do?

Silence you, and get you to buy into the cultural suicide of your own country and people?

I mean, if you're going to do that at lest do it for someone who can evolve the world instead of taking it back to 6bc.

It nice to know my life is worth risking to house ali bom bom, who realises he's living in a country he has no identity with, falls into the extremist hands (who he feels closer to) and plots my downfall.

Perhaps when you're pulling the shards of glass out your kids faces and reading in the morning papers how it was committed by someone whom a few years earlier you were welcoming into your country and paying them to be here, you might think again.

That for me is pretty good motive for not falling for the sob stories, as sad as they are, your GVT are playing roulette with your life as are you for supporting this strat.

That is the bottom line.

Now, if someone has a better bottom than that, then by all means, let us know.