I don't know if any other old-school gamers are similar, but I have a hard time enjoying modern games. I still have Quake 1/2, Unreal 1, Deus Ex and a few others installed. The last modern game I enjoyed and still play is Skyrim - because it still felt like an old-style game, where you're thrown in to the game and you're on your own. I'm even having trouble forcing myself to enjoy fallout.

I think it would be awesome if Epic re-created the original unreal inside the modern engine. Same basic gameplay but with amazing graphics. Maybe the PDA updates could be voiced as well as the text just to add a little more immersion. Imagine the Nali jungles with a modern engine, the vast alien landscapes. It could be completely free-flowing where you don't notice level changes etc. I can only dream... =)

I think that's the key. New games just don't get my imagination going. It's hard to feel any immersion because of all the spoon-feeding.