I THINK it's always been a problem since I got this monitor. It's supposed to be 60hz, but I don't buy that. I don't think I'm seeing 60hz at all. Looks like half that or less.
If I pan even moderately quickly, I see 3 of anything vertical, including enemies. I just aim for the one in front.
I can't tell if previous frames are leaving a ghost image on the most recent, or if it's just my brain still seeing the last few frames..
Is there any way to see the actual monitor refresh rate? I checked the monitor seettings, and it's set to 60, and I'd assume that, if it can display 60hz at a given resolution, then nothing else would affect that as long as the GFX card were sending 60 or more.
I get steady 250fps, but there's no way that what I'm seeing is 60hz. I don't even know how I can test to see whether it's actual ghosting that's actually on screen, or just how it looks to my brain. I don't have a camera that's fast enough to accurately film it and a demo is not gonna show what I'm seeing

Anyways...I think I'm gonna get a 120 or 144hz monitor so..any recommendations if I do? would a 120 at the same price be better if the input lag were lower? I don't even know the lag on my current monitor, but the nearest model I could find has 20ms so...not terrible, but not great