At first, it is not rage, you can be sure. I am not that man who rage and do stupid things. And i am wont make feel shame for someone or something in this way. Here is just too much shit ppl around. And i am tired to see it. When ppl call you cheater, if you playing good, then telling you to reinstall cheats if you playing bad and after some retarded admin-kid bans you with reason lose on purpuse, when you have broken mouse and another admin cant even answer normaly to you because he is 37 years old dude with no balls...
NO! I am just do not want to have anything to do with such people.
If you ask me why i finished like that, using hacks? Well, to make everyone happy. Most of the ppl likes to believe that i was cheater, so i make them happy. Maybe its last happiness in their retarded lives. And do not try to thik thats i am good guy in bad situation. I like to smash face to everyone who talk or did bad things to me, and if i get chance i am not lose it.

So, my last 'you fucking retard' to everyone. and yea