Every circle jump tutorial that I've seen shows you that you have to press up and strafe key (depending which side you're turning). This is not actually true. It doesn't matter which keys you are pressing as long as you get the curve right. This put me thinking how many people actually know what circle jumping is and how many people have been restricting their flexibility with circle jumps throughout the years that Quake 3/Live's been out.

Hear me out, it's true that while pressing up+strafe keys it makes it easier to continue with air acceleration, because your fingers are on the right keys and the mouse angle is correct the instant you jump off the ground. You instantly transfer from circle jump to strafe jumping and we all know strafe jumping is the best way to gain speed. Which is why I think "up+strafes" is the most preferred technique for circle jumping. However there's also half-beat technique which uses only a single strafe key. As well as whatever that technique at 0:21 is called, apparently you can accelerate that way too. Do we have a name for it?

I might be biased since I'm used to the traditional circle jump technique (as I imagine everyone is), but I think some new(ish) players might find it easier to pull off circle jumps without the strafe key or with a strafe key only. Experimenting with different techniques might open new routes and angles for your trick jumps! It might also come in handy in situations where you need to circle jump and at the same time look somewhere else where you otherwise couldn't with the traditional circle jump technique. There's also a good chance my video is pointless in which case you can stone me to death. You can also bone me to death, I'd like that more.