From time to time I like to test my sanity. I'm seeing a lot of crazy shit in the world, which is making me post this. Am I the crazy one? Or do I make sense? Pls tell me.

If I were a dictator and ran a country, this is what I'd do:

To Legalize
-Marijuana would be cultivated,taxed and regulated like alcohol.
-Prostitution would be run by the government. You'd have premium/clean whores to choose from for a decent price.
-Assisted suicide is encouraged and not frowned upon

On Crime
-murderers caught on surveillance video + DNA evidence would be executed immediately
-Drunk drivers and Hit and run drivers that kill someone and get convicted get mandatory sentences of 10 years in jail, no parole. You serve the full fucking 10 years.
-Pedophiles that commit rape/kidnap children are executed
-People with mental health issues that commit murder are executed*

*fuck the insanity plea, you insane? Ok fuck off and die. There's too many normal people around, we don't need to rehabilitate you.

On children
-People would need a license to breed. It is determined by how much $ you make. If you make enough $ by yourself than you can even be a single parent. If you break this rule, you get sterilized, kid gets taken away and you need to pay money owed to the state.
-Homosexuals are glorified and encouraged. We try to make this popular to curve the fucking population growth. However if two homos get together, they are only allowed to adopt children. No in vitro bullshit or surrogate mother bullshit. You are gay = no genetic offspring comes from you, fuck that.
- Pre-natal screening for all women. If the child you are carrying is genetically a hunchback or downy/autistic and we can tell. Then it is aborted. It would only be a drain on society and on yourself. It is not needed.
- People with aids/easily transmittable diseases are quarantined to a specific area and are encouraged to live together. However if you are spreading that shit to normals, then you are executed.

On jobs
--at age 10 everyone on the planet takes a fucking exam, only the smartest kids that pass this exam are allowed to live
-at age 18 everyone again does another couple of exams
- the top 10% in smarts become the world leaders
-the next 20/30% are placed into occupations determined by various exams that pinpoint their strong suits and are left in charge of the remaining population.
- the lower half of the society (the less smart crowd) are only allowed to have 1 child depending on their income and status.

-Veterans that fight for my country are supplied with free prostitution and Marijuana for life. (limit on how often you fuck a bitch though and only enough weed to smoke, not try to sell)
- Fine for not picking up after your dogs. The $ goes to whoever takes video evidence of you and reports you. Not the police. Now everyone will police you and your fucking dog to get $.
-Police wear body cameras at all times and the video footage is reviewed daily by an independent public body. All videos are saved to a library where anyone can access the footage.
-Fat shaming is encouraged. We all need to let off some stress from time to time. It is better than being racist/homophobic because fat people come from all races and are much more annoying. I'd like to make my country filled with fit people so that they use less of our free health care. So fuck off fatties.
-Health care is provided to all and is free
-Bums will not be tolerated. You will be given 3 chances by the government. If you are unable to hold the government appointed position (low wage but livable) then you will be exiled from the country.
-Immigrants are decided by profession and wealth. You are evaluated by an equal from my country and if you are deemed worthy, then you and your immediate family are accepted.