have all this talk from recent quakecon about da future of quake live and what is going to happen.

yeah sure we can worry about it but we all know what happen in 5 years. we still playin and blazin with this game.

reach into your memories on quake. it can be anything. remember it.
select it carefully. the legendary moment or quote or something from quake past. that you remember forever. make this game what it is. defines it.

for me personal
RAPHA, the best champion. a true. true. true. legend of quake live.
"A game like this wouldnt be as good as it was if it wasn't for the opponent that was across from me, these games don't mean anything unless the opponent is as good as you or better"

best quote in quake living history =]
rapha is the best

accident for my thread. i should put it in quake live forum.