RESPECT THE PACO announces its lineup for the QuakeCon 2015 Tri-Master Championship.

Chance "Chance" Lacina
Davie "eXodus" van Eekelen
Elie "Madrigal" Roques
Eric "t1g" Haydon

The lineup consists of duel expert Chance who's also a QuakeCon veteran with multiple top 8 finishes. The rest of the lineup is specialized in CTF which is Madrigal, t1g and eXodus.

But wait, there's more! You too can RESPECT THE PACO with the exclusive T-Shirt. We will be wearing this if we get at least 6 shirts sold (4 will be bought by us and 10 is the minimum for production). Available in multiple colors in Size S up to XXL. (Delivery 10-15 days). But where do i get this?

A teamphoto will be put onto this site afterwards.

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