ESR: 76% (104)

+f: 23% (31)

FPS Pulse: 1.5% (2)

ESReality has been around longer than most Call of Duty players have been alive, but the fundamental utility of the site was progressive enough to foreshadow many modern user interfaces, and still offers a stripped down community content-oriented user experience. ESR has been a haven for competitive gaming news for many games, but over time, as more and more niche web sites became available, it was the Quake players who sort of mumbled "Eh, this is okay," and cemented themselves in place for the long-haul.

ESR users have recently been directly solicited with a few new options for community interaction, news, and editorial content geared toward fast-paced arena FPS games with the announcements of FPS Pulse and Plus Forward.

Which site do you foresee as remaining or becoming your go to source for, well, whatever it is you go the the source for?