So, yeah, my rockets are trash. And I want to improve it so that's why I'm asking you guys for some advices on how to use the RL in the most efficient way.

My shaft is god-like, I mean, after a lot of practice I finally managed to get almost (95%) to my old shape where basically nobody could outshaft me. There are probably only 1 dude that can beat me LG vs LG, his nick is Fragsau, this guy is fucking scary tbh. But for the rest, even the most skilled shafters can't out-lg me, even with my 38% overall acc I beat anyone cause of my dodges and my long experience with the LG.
BUT, yes, there's a BUT, like I said, I just DON'T feel confident while using the RL, any good RL player beats me in rl vs rl situation, and considering the fact that I play mainly 2v2 CA these days, I can lose to lesser opponents only cause my RL is trash and also cause in 2v2 CA is A LOT about the RL. There's not much room for +b shaft :). So sometimes I feel hopeless and it makes me rage :D.

I need any kind of advices concerning the RL usage really, anything would be welcome, from config tips to aiming tips etc... Pls, help me! :D