Hello, esreality.

I thought I might give another try and create one more quakelive fragmovie.
fearZZz recently stopped playing actively(I have some sick stuff from him though), so, I thought I'll try to ask you guys for demos.

I don't have much to show currently coz there is nothing rly to work with: Poster,

So, without further ado, if you want to be the part of the movie and If you had any interest in my prev works(moopoint, singularity),
and don't consider them nauseating,
send demos to: lvvless@gmail.com with attached zip archive, or w/e, just make it comfortable to browse.
Please make sure to name demos as following: nickname_map_timing_shortdescription (e.g. hakuna_purgatory_15-10_triple_rail_kill)
I'm mainly looking for unique and hot looking duel/tdm/ctf actions.
Please don't waste both of our times sending me some random ca stuff.

Don't be huffy if your demos won't make it to the final fragmovie, some frags could just not match the flow/pace I'll choose.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding fragmovie, I will be glad to answer them.
Thank you for your attention.